CKA is welcomed into the Association of Classical Christian Schools

Christ the King Academy is thrilled to announce that we are now official members of the Association of Classical Christian Schools (ACCS). The mission of the ACCS is “For Christ and His Kingdom,” an all encompassing mission that we at CKA share. The ACCS works to restore a Christian paideia–to restore the patterns of thought and life that have enriched lives in all times and places. They do this by building classical schools and Christian communities, helping parents find schools, and promoting the critical importance of classical and Christian education (CCE) on a national level.

Many educators view school as a mechanism that delivers content using an educational method. This results in the mistaken belief that “Classical Christian Education” (CCE) simply means that the content is classical and the methodology is more traditional.

CCE has deep footings that are distinct from modern schools, and even different from liberal arts or classical schools founded after the Enlightenment. There is no single recipe or formula for Classical Christian education. It is a way of educating children that developed in the Middle Ages as an outworking of classical Greco-Roman thought and Christianity. It flourished in the Reformation and thus has a rich and varied form. It starts with a different purpose and ends with different results than conventional education.

As committed Classical Christian educators, CKA is grateful to partner with such a foundational national organization. Learn more about this partnership and why it matters to future of Classical Christian Education here.