“Christian education is important so that we can grow and learn in the knowledge of Christ.”

Molly Anne DeMulling (3rd Grade Student)

“My first year at CKA, expanded my knowledge and understanding of Latin, The Ancient World, Biology, Logic, Theology and the Bible. I look forward to learning tons in the second year!”

Ezra Moerke (11th Grade Student )

“I am so excited to go to CKA because I get to work alongside students in a Godly, Christ-fearing environment, in which I am held accountable for everything from my homework to my actions.”

Eva Stout (9th Grade Student )

“CKA has surprised me in every subjected and has forced me to dig deeper into my educational potential. With my faith reinforced with the strongest of assurance in the truth of God’s Word, I invite the years come with open arms.”

Jonas Moerke (8th Grade Student )